September 2017 Newsletter

Burning Permits, Fire Prevention Week, 2018 Cash Calendars and more.

July 2017 Newsletter

Final Taxes, Gus Lindberg/Kingsley Downs Slo-Pitch Tournament, Community Picnic and more.

May 2017 Newsletter

Special Meeting Notice, Fire Department Fundraiser, Devlin Hall Renovations and more.

April 2017 Newsletter

Summer Student Employment, Fire Department Fundraiser, Emergency Preparedness Week and more.

February 2017 Newsletter

Interim Tax Billing, Snow Removal, Senior of the Year Nominations, Thank-You and more.

November 2016 Xmas Newsletter

Community Christmas Party, Office/Landfill Holiday Hours, Snowplowing, Job Opportunities and more.

September 2016 Newsletter

Burning Permits, Devlin Hall Renovations, Fire Prevention Week and more.

July 2016 Newsletter

Community Picnic, Gus Lindberg/Kingsley Downs Slo Pitch Tournament and more.

March 2016 Newsletter

Landfill Attendant Job Opportunity, Entrance Permits, Fundraiser Supper, Community Picnic and more.