Economic Development

LaVallee is made up of 2.5 geographic townships and is approximately 90 square miles.

There are many opportunities in our municipality with the population wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, our district sits with open arms waiting for the people and the ideas to arrive. The opportunities are as abundant as you allow your imagination to lead you to just the right opportunity. Economic Development services are provided through a contract with the Rainy River Future Development Corporation. Some of the services they proved are:

  • Industrial and commercial site inventory
  • Project planning
  • New product identification
  • Entrepreneurial assistance
  • Technical advisory services
  • Sectoral Impact analysis
  • Current economic data
  • Market Development

Offices are located in Fort Frances and Rainy River
Contact Geoff Gillon, (807) 274-3276 phone, fax (807) 274-6989.


Agriculture and Forestry


Local Businesses

Elk, beef, dairy, hog, horse farming, manufacturing plant, local hairdressers, greenhouses, ready mix concrete plant, aggregate resources, industrial equipment garage, numerous specialized contractors residing and operating in the Municipality, community store, convenience store, gas bar, liquor and food outlet, electronic store, dog kennels, therapeutic riding stables.

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