Energy Management Plan and Consumption Reports

Energy Management Plan
Township of La Vallee
From: 2017-01-01 to 2021-12-31


Declaration of Commitment: The Township will allocate the necessary resources to develop and implement a strategic energy management plan that will reduce our energy consumption and its related environmental impact.

Vision: We exercise stewardship in our use of finite energy resources to demonstrate leadership, optimize our delivery of services, and enhance the overall quality of life in our community.

Policy: We will incorporate energy efficiency into all areas of our activity including our organizational and human resources management procedures, procurement practices, financial management and investment decisions, and facility operations and maintenance.

Goals: The Township of La Vallee will continuously improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and processes in order to reduce our operating costs, our energy consumption and the concomitant greenhouse gas emissions. The Township has already identified some projects – these include: interior fluorescent lighting upgrades in all facilities, insulation and furnace replacement at community centre, window replacements at Municipal Office. The municipal office is already efficient in that it already has a gas fired boiler with in floor heating system.

Overall Target: We will aim to reduce our consumption of fuels and electricity in all municipal operations by an average of 1% per year between now and 2021.

Objectives: 1. To consider energy audits on all municipal facilities during the next five years. To reduce total energy consumption in municipal facilities, normalized to weather conditions, by 1.5% over the next five years.

Organizational Understanding

Summary of Current Energy Consumption, Cost and GHGs: The total annual hydro consumption in municipal operations is 48,592.25 kWh; the total annual natural gas consumption in municipal operations is 22,954.35m3 and GHG emission of 44,238.66262 kg/year for a total cost of $18,479.39 per year.

Renewable Energy Utilized or Planned: The Township of La Vallee aspires to show leadership in the promotion and development of renewable energy systems that are compatible with our asset management and land use planning objectives. As a result, we will investigate the potential to develop solar photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of all corporate facilities with sound, south-facing roofs if feasible.

Resources Planning

Energy Leader: The Township of La Vallee will clearly designate leadership and overall responsibility for corporate energy management.

Projects Execution

Municipal Level: We will carry out the required development of business procedures and communication programs and implement them methodically according to the planned time lines within the resources constraints that apply.

Asset Level: The Clerk-Treasurer, Road Superintendent and Fire Chief will work with staff to facilitate the implementation of facility level business procedures and communications initiatives, including energy performance reporting.


Energy Plan Review: We will review and evaluate our energy plan, revising and updating it as necessary, on an annual basis within our corporate planning process.

Evaluation Progress

Energy Consumption: Our energy consumption in 2016 was 70,224.05 kWh which is slightly less than our 2017 consumption of 71,546.60 kWh due to the increase in facilities usage.

2017 Energy Report

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