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Accessibility Plan and Accessibility Policy


*Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy

*Accessible Customer Service Policy

Summary of Primary Steps taken to address Barriers:


*Training of staff

*The Accessible Customer Service Policy (link above) outlines the use of service animals and support persons (both of which are welcome on municipal premises), and is available upon request and commits to giving notice of temporary service disruption.

*The Township will provide notice of temporary disruption of service, the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities or services that are available, if any.

*Accessibility is taken into consideration with regard to all capital projects, both new ones and upgrades of existing capital assets.

*Dealings with office staff may be done by phone, email or (subject to COVID-19 protocols) in person

*Payment remittances to the Township, whether for taxes, permits etc. are accepted in cash, by cheque or electronically.

*Burn permits for the calendar year are available online.

*Suggestions for improvement are always welcome! We appreciate your feedback.

In 2019

*Accessibility issues are to be considered and addressed when building renovations occur.

*A Handicap Accessible family washroom was added to the Devlin Community Hall.

In 2020

*Entrance to Municipal Office was renovated to provide for ease of access and a doorbell installed.

*Our Municipal website was updated, with a specific purpose of ensuring that it is accessible.  Information can be provided in an accessible format upon request.

In 2021

*We hope to receive funding to provide ease of access between playground equipment, washrooms and pavilion at the ball park. This will improve accessibility for all.

**Accessibility is taken into consideration during the planning stages of all Township projects.


Notice to Ratepayers

Take notice that pursuant to Section 295 of the Municipal Act copies of the 2020 Audited Financial Statements are available for viewing at the municipal office.

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